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The FIRICANO BOXING & FITNESS CENTER is not your common gym or health Spa, in fact it’s just the opposite.    It’s the place to go for extreme fitness through the sweet science of a rigorous boxing workout!  No fancy machines for individual muscles or the acres of floor space required for fitting them.  The only machine used here is your body, and through a mix of old school multi-joint, compound and functional movements along with free weights and small apparatus equipment you will find the possibilities of fitness are endless! 

At FIRICANO BOXING & FITNESS CENTER our goal is to eliminate the nonsense and gimmicks found in the large commercial gyms.  You will not find long term contracts, set up fees or processing fees. What you will find is ultimate fitness through the very best in personal training, small group classes and boxing bootcamps! 

We are the exclusive gym of THE F.I.R.I.C.A.N.0 METHOD and pride ourselves with being a supportive environment for the individual who is interested in one thing and one thing only…… RESULTS! Whether you’re a competitive athlete or someone who is just looking to shed a few pounds, FIRICANO BOXING & FITNESS CENTER is designed to exceed your fitness goals!